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Ford Cattle Company is a family owned and operated cattle operation consisting of Purebred Simmental and Sim-Angus cattle. Our goal is to raise phenotypically excellent, high performing and predictable cattle that fit both seedstock and commercial cattle operations.

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Dustin Ford
1930 Ginkgo Ave.
West Chester, IA 52359
(317) 225-9976

Dale Ford
DeWitt, IA
(563) 370-5227

Selling at the 47th Mark of Genetic Excellence Simmental Sale
Monday, February 13th at 11:30 am

Ford's New Deal 51D
ASA: #3152314

GLS New Direction x Tylertown United (W/C United x JM Lady Remington 5S)
BD: 1/10/2016
BW: 74lbs Adj WW: 725
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


Ford's GFC Dagger 61D
ASA: #3124969

SVF Allegience x CNS Dream On/WLE Bandwagon
BD: 2/12/16
BW: 82   Adj WW: 715

Heterozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


GFC Pure Pride 59D
ASA: #3188362

JF American Pride x 3C Macho/CNS Dream On
BD: 2/1/2016
BW: 87  Adj WW: 740


Ford's Ms. Dixie 75D
ASA: #3188432

FBF1 Combustible x CMB Reanne (Jokers Wild x Meyer 734)
BD: 2/18/2016
** Maternal Sib to Haley Hedrick's 2012 Denver Jr. Champion heifer. 


For Sale at the Farm:

Ford’s GFC Showgirl 10B
ASA: #2899963

BC Eagle Eye x Ruby’s Excalibur
BD: 02/19/2014

AI Bred on 3/29/2015 to SS/PRS Gunslinger
Pasture Exposed to CMFM Topgrade U12A (ASA#: 2884213 with pictured below)


THO/LTS Diva’s Moco

CNS Dream On x WAR Diva

We at Ford Cattle Company are thrilled at the opportunity to have acquired Moco’s Diva this past year from Thomann and Lone Tree Simmentals. Moco’s Diva is out of the legendary WAR Diva cow and CNS Dream On, who needs no introduction to the Simmental breed. This past year, Moco’s Diva produced the high seller at Ft. Worth ($18,500 Upgrade Daugther) a $9000 daughter in the Diamond and Spurs sale and a recent daughter out of Upgrade brought $16,000 in The One sale in Denver. Call us with interest on embryo’s or flush opportunities. Planned matings for 2015 include Wheelman, W/C United, MR NLC Upgrade and MR HOC Broker.

LTS Moco’s Limited

Ruby’s Wide Open x Moco’s Diva

Moco’s Limited is a Ruby’s Wide Open x Moco’s Diva….. with her first calf on the ground out of GLS New Direction, this one is soon to be in our embryo program. Inquire about flush or embryo opportunities for 2015.

Customer Success

BC Lookout x Ruby's Whistle

Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
Johnson County Fair
Shown by Troyer family.

Ford's Dream to This

Reserve Supreme and Champion Simmental Heifer at Jones County Fair
Now owned by RS&T Simmentals, MO.

Supreme Champion Heifer

2015 Franklin County Fair. 
Shown by Jackson Wohlford, Geneva IA.


1930 Ginkgo Ave.
West Chester, IA 52359
Dustin Ford
(317) 225-9976
Dale Ford
DeWitt, IA
(563) 370-5227